This section will feature projects that have gone beyond a single image. A few of the images are already on this site, but there are quite a few more to come.
Coming soon:

Brian Croner at Marketing Resource Group and I have worked closely on this series of which this image is an example. The campaign has won several awards from the Idaho Advertising Federation. Even better: it's been great for Rangen's business.

A huge image (the original is over 50 inches wide) showing a map of the main store in Massachusetts. Over 35 rooms with (believe me) excruciating detail. You'll find Santa and the toy machine, an Oompah band, a throne room with a moat outside, a candlemaking museum, and whole buncha more.

Images used for a pop-up book showing, among other things, the interior of the ironclads, how a minié ball is fired from a rifle, and the destruction of Columbia.

50th Anniversary Edition of CLUE
All new images used on the playing cards and rule book for this special edition.

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